Eclipse can offer a variety of services for your special day!

Master of Ceremony

Eclipse has an energetic Master of Ceremony that will be sure to gather your guests attention. It is very important that your special day flows smoothly and on time. Having someone that can keep things moving is critical to both you and the banquet hall. Besides, no one wants cold food!

Wireless Microphones

Ever been to a wedding and not been able to hear the speeches? Eclipse can provide a wireless microphone that runs thru their large P.A. system. You will easily be heard and have everyones attention. No need to worry about those little in-cieling speakers that make people sound like their shouting into a cardboard box.

Cocktail hour performance

Eclipse can provide live music for your cocktail hour while guests are arriving. The available combinations are Classical guitar and Accordion OR Classical guitar and Digital Piano. Either option will set a nice atmosphere for you and your guests.

Light show

Eclipse has a state of the art LED technology light show that will dazzle the stage and the dance floor. They also have intelligent lighting to create cool night club effects to further set the mood.

Customized dinner music

Along with the performance comes easy listening dinner music. This will be played thru our system on I-pods. You can pre-arrange your favorite artists and have that played during dinner.

DJ between sets

Eclipse provides a seemless transition from the band to DJ. With the latest dance music, you and your guests can party all night long. This service is free of charge.

If there is a service that is not listed here please inquire.

Eclipse Music