You probably expect to see a long list of over 300 songs showcasing various styles and genres on our website, but because our extensive song list is constantly growing, we would have to update our website every week!

Our music lineup consists of everything from the 70’s until today. If it’s on the radio, we play it! Even more crucial to song selection is our ability to hand pick songs in a way that keeps everyone dancing. Reading the crowd and timing is absolutely everything for keeping the party going and something we pride ourselves on.

When it comes to song selection, we see both sides of the spectrum with event planning. We find the most successful events are when we get to feel out the crowd and overall atmosphere, allowing us to perform what will get everyone dancing and having a good time! One analogy we like to use is picking your menu for your guests… If you like your steak rare, and order the same for everyone, you will probably see many steaks going back to the kitchen. Same goes for music! If you choose to select or eliminate songs for your wedding, you could be removing songs that are, what we like to call, “party starters”. This is solely based on our experience of performing at well over 1000 weddings. If you do choose to select the music for the night, that is no problem with us, but we enjoy sharing our experiences because after all, we have been packing dance floors for over 15 years.











Eclipse Music